About Us

Figures 4 Figures are experienced in organising paperwork chaos!  If your business is new or has been without a bookkeeper for a time, or your paperwork has just got out of hand, you need the services of Figures 4 Figures!  We will organise & process that pile of chaos!  We will set up a robust accounting system & maintain this on an ongoing basis for you.

 We can assist with the design and installation of a manual or computerised bookkeeping system and can also offer support and training for your own staff to suit your requirements.  Common accounting software systems we work with include Sage Instant Accounts, Sage Line 50, Quick Books, Xero, SAP & Excel spreadsheets.  Whether you require a simple bookkeeping system or wish to run a full accounting system Figures 4 Figures provide the solution.

Figures 4 Figures recognise that as a business you have a need for a consistent service from your bookkeeper.  In recognition of this, Figures 4 Figures have standardised their accounting processes to allow their team to be flexible.  The Figures 4 Figures team are trained to allow any member of the team to be able to carry out the required work for any of our clients, which ensures that as a small business you always have the bookkeeping cover you require and your business will never be without our support.


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